Project Objectives 


To develop knowledge and understanding among young people and teachers concerning the diversity of values, cultures and languages throughout Europe;

To help young people acquire skills and basic life skills necessary for their personal development, their future employment and an active European citizenship.



To improve the quality and increase the volume of mobility involving pupils and educational staff in different Member States of the European Union;

To improve the quality and increase the number of partnerships among schools from different Member States of the European Union as far as educational activities during the term of the Program for Lifelong Learning is concerned (2007-2013);

To encourage the learning of modern foreign languages;

To support the development of content, services, pedagogies and innovative practices, based on the use of information technology and communication in learning throughout life;

To increasing the quality and the European dimension of teacher training;

To support the improvement of teaching methods and school management.

History of the Project


The project began to take shape when people from different countries shared their common interest, that is, to make our schools safer places and tolerant places for our students. In order to make a difference, everyone thought of activities, ways and means to promote, prevent and reduce bullying. Thus, our project was born and we entitled it as "Europe Votes for the Safe and Tolerant School".

The project was planned and organized with more or less difficulty due to physical distances between partner schools. Therefore, the first visit was planned to work on the organization and design of the project. In Lithuania, where the coordinator school is located, the project that was previously on paper, has taken shape and it will be conducted in all countries of the project members: Lithuania, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey.


Our users

This site is for all the community members from schools in this project but also, for all who identifys him self with our project or just enjoy new experiences. In other words ... it's for everyone.